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The Illustrated Inventory of Paul Revere's works
at the American Antiquarian Society

Collection Page: Number of Items: Brief Description:
Revere Box 1 11 folders Medical Lectures Certificate, A Warm Place - Hell, trade cards, Royal American (separate) plates, Masonic certificate, watch paper
Revere Box 2 7 folders Landing of the Troops, Obelisk, 1832 reproduction of Massacre, Colleges of Cambridge, Masonic certificates
Revere Box 3 14 folders North Battery, Buried with him by Baptism, watch papers, Masonic, ephemera, View of the Year 1765
Revere Box 4 28 folders Reproductions
Revere Box 5 1 folder Reproductions
Revere Box 6 1 framed item Jonathan Mulliken's Massacre
Revere Box 7 1 framed item Henry Pelham's Massacre
Revere Box 8 1 framed item Paul Revere's Massacre
Revere Box 9 100s of sheets/glossies Reproductions of the 77 plates in Brigham's text
Engraved Illustrations and Woodcuts made in Lead 24 items Hemp Mill, Frugal Housewife, John Dickinson, George Washington, Devils, View of Boston, King Philip, Col. Benjamin Church, Cook's Voyage, Lord God Omnipotent, Almanac Illustrations, William Pitt
Bookplates 12 items Gardiner Chandler, David Greene, Epes Sargent, Andrew Oliver, Paul Revere, Isaiah Thomas (2), Perez Morton, William Wetmore, John Butler, Paul Riviore
Royal American Magazine Plates 17 items View of Boston, Thunder Storm, Sir Wilbraham Wentworth, John Hancock, Samuel Adams, Able Doctor, Hooded Serpent, Spanish treatment, Mitred Minuet, Salt-Petre, Gerbua, Mme Clairon, Colonel Bouquet, Bees, Cabinet Junto, Lauretta, America in Distress
Newspaper and Periodical Cuts in Lead 8 items Massachusetts Spy, Boston Gazette and Country Journal, Royal American Magazine (periodical), Essex Journal
Currency 10 items (includes front and reverse) Bill of credit, bills, notes
Music Books 3 books (samples) Sixteen Anthems, Collection of the best Psalm tunes, New England Psalm Singer

[Detail from "View of the Colleges in Cambridge" Box 2 Folder 4]


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