n the Spring of 2012, the American Antiquarian Society published The American Antiquarian Society, 1812-2012: A Bicentennial History by Philip F. Gura. To supplement this publication, the Society digitized and made available in high-resolution the images and descriptions from the text. Not merely a list of illustrations, this site provides links to inventories and catalog records while also establishing additional contexts for viewing these important items. On the whole, these visuals provide a rich, textured overview of the people, buildings, access, programs, research, scholarship and collections of the Society in addition to being organized by chapter and figure number. As the items are part of larger webs of stories about the Society, they are referenced by theme and may appear in more than one section. This online resource is offered for those interested in engaging with these pieces or for those who seek a general history of the Society spanning its two-century existence.

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