Sampwutteahae Quinnuppekompauaenin (Sincere convert), 1689

Image displays Algonquian-language title page, text of varying sizes split into three sections divided by single black lines. The entire page of text is bordered by black lines on all four sides.

Sampwutteahae Quinnuppekompauaenin is an Algonquian-language translation of a popular English catechism The Sincere Convert: Discovering the Small Number of True Beleevers, and the Great Difficulty of Saving Conversion, first published in London in 1641. Here, the title page gives credit to Thomas Shepard, the English author of Sincere Convert, and to John Eliot and Grindal Rawson for the translation work, though several Native interpreters would have been involved in the work of translating the text.

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